June 16, 2012 - Prototype Rig

posted Jul 23, 2012, 5:23 AM by Domain Administrator
Sadly, I'm writing this post well after the fact. The rig has already shipped out to New York, and I didn't think to take any pictures of it before I mailed it out. However, I'll do my best to grab a couple next time I'm back at school to include here.

My father and I did build a first-generation rig for the stereo GoPro cameras. Unlike the final version, this is a rigid camera rig that is primarily designed for camera calibration and initial testing.

Until I have pictures, here is the brief description of the rig:

Two GoPro tripod adapters (pieces of plastic that interface with the GoPro connector and have a 1/4"-20 female on the bottom) were purchased, and each was glued to the center of a CD. The CD had a score mark put across its diameter to be used as an indexer. Slightly larger sheets of paper with angle markings on them were spray mounted to a piece of 1x6 pine 14" apart. Holes were drilled through the center, and 1/4"-20 bolts passed through to attach the tripod mount/CD combination. Then, the center of the board was drilled out, and a 1/4"-20 tap installed.

it's a rough hack, but the CDs allow for accurate turning and positioning of each camera, and then the bolt is used to friction-lock it them in place. It actually came together very well!

Again, hopefully I can get some pictures up.